MCC: Scenario 1

Making connections between concepts
Scenario: Bella discussing connections Country: UK Grade (student age): Trainee teacher Contributed by: Gwen Ineson, Brunel University, UK Context –professional Bella is at the end of her one year post-graduate teacher training course.  She has completed nineteen weeks of sustained school experience and her most recent experience was in a year 1 class of five and six year olds.  She was engaging in a discussion about her mathematical subject knowledge for teaching and how she would respond to pupils encountering difficulty with various numerical problems.  Questions included subtraction of a two digit number from a three digit number (234 – 48), multiplication of two digit numbers (52 x 34), multiplication of decimals (3.4 x 4.9) and division of fractions (1 ¾ ÷ ½) . The transcript included below is an…
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