CUR: Scenario 2

Choice of representations
Scenario: Umay teaches the limit concept Country: Turkey Grade (student age): K 12 (age 17-18) Contributed by: Semiha KULA, Esra BUKOVA GÜZEL, University of Dokuz Eylül, Turkey Context – national, curricular, professional, other Secondary school lasts four years in Turkey, between the ages 15 and 18. According to the national secondary school mathematics curriculum, the limit concept is thought during the last year of secondary school. Teacher education program for secondary mathematics education is a five year program; the first three-and-half years are undergraduate studies and remaining year and half is a non-thesis masters’ program. In these programs, subject matter knowledge, general pedagogical knowledge, and pedagogical content knowledge oriented lessons are taught. There are also lessons related to school-based placement in the last three semesters. Umay is a pre-service teacher…
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