Good’ examples

Teacher stops to reflect-in- action and changes tack (example or representation being used)

Explains that perhaps something else might work better & explains why

Says, ‘Gosh, I hadn’t thought of that’ or says ‘Let’s retrace our steps’ & perhaps work backwards

Realising that children are constructing the mathematical ideas and something that sounds ‘half baked ‘ means that they are in a ZPD where teacher can help with a scaffolding question or two.

Probing questions to try to elicit where child’s thinking is coming from; I’m not sure about this but it could point to a stance or openness to teacher insight ??

Bad examples

Never mind what (Mammy/Daddy or Anyone Else) says,this is the way I want you to do it.

That’s wrong! When its not, just said or written badly.

Teacher insight

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