‘Good’ examples

Demonstrate knowledge of the correct mathematical terms & their precise meanings

Correct use of mathematical terms and evidence of efforts to teach these terms

Use alternative ways & more precise words to describe shapes for example, if child says ‘round’ then suggest ‘curved’ while linking new word to child’s word or words

Link use of alternative ways of saying things, e.g.,1/4  can be called  ‘one quarter’ and ‘one fourth’

Add the correct term to help children express what they mean, e.g. Child says threes when describing thirds; child says10 teacher adds ‘centimetres’

Clarity around use of correct terminology when discussing different forms of all four operations on number

Precise use of mathematical symbols

‘Bad’ examples

Calling a parallelogram a ‘rectangle pulled out of shape’

Calling a sphere a circle or ball

Calling every mathematical statement an ‘equation’

Writing or even trying to multiply $4 x $5. (I can’t do the sterling symbol on my laptop).

Use of terminology

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